impromptu dinner by the bay

so after just lying and watching tv all afternoon, alex, my friend from bacolod who’s relocating his fat ass to tacloban next week, gil and joel decided to drive around the city, at least to show alex what’s new here after 2 years – and then i realized, there’s not much have changed here. sad.

anyway, we passed by arradaza st. at the back of my alma mater spc, and we saw  our suki barbecue. We bought pork barbecue, chicken, isaw, baticulon and chorizo – of course rice and ice cold sprite, all to go.

Now the next problem was where to eat, I mean, we’ve been in the house the whole day, so that’s the last place where we’re going to eat. we drove around the city – and then, why not at the recla in purok batuan in brgy. alegria (a reclaimed area including the space where the old city abattoir was located). so off we went.  we had the back of the car as our dinner table. it was fun, it was an unusual place to have dinner, you can see the city, you can hear the waves, the smell was not that bad as what we anticipated, we can see the pier and the boat and the fast craft coming and going,  the stars nag complete attendance sila.

we had fun! a hearty meal, some sticks of ciggy after, chika chika chika…and then we drove home.

unplanned lakaw are always fun, i don’t know why.


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