Ormoc’s traffic is starting to gain notoriety; everyday it just.keeps on getting more congested. I do not believe in the notion that traffic is sign of a good economy. I hope the local govt. will address this situation before it goes out of control. Yesterday, I was stuck at the bridge along Osmeña St. f
or almost 30 minutes – that’s like forever for us Ormocanons. From my vantage point I can see that the traffic from the two other bridges (Alegria and Cogon) are at a standstill for minutes on end. I could blame the inummerable tricycle and single motorcycles who are mostly in a hurry and so forget or refuse to follow and abide traffic rules and basic road courtesy.

Suffice it to say that we reached the


Chicken Inatô

end of the bridge when it was dark already around 5:45 PM…Julia and Gil who were with me were nauseated and our tummys growling from hunger…so once we reached the intersection at Real and Osmeña we took a right and went to look for the nearest food spot.

We found ourselves at the still under renovation (Yolanda-ravaged) Milagrina’s Jo’s Inatô ( I also get confused by their name). I believe the last time I was here was sometime in 2011. This food outlet can be considered an Ormoc institution since it has been operating and enjoying local patronage for close to 15 or so years now. I could recall a couple dates here, some dinner reunions when we were still in college, a couple birthday dinner with friends and other ocassions in the past. I forgot how good their food were…and the fast hassle-free service amd not to mention the affordable price, quite hefty servings and of course lami!

We had chicken inatô, but the inatô sauce that you make bahug in your unlimited rice is not available that time.


We also had pinaputok na bangus with the surprising stuffing that included chopped itlog maalat. I was looking for the binakhaw (I believe it is Dumaguete-style kinilaw with just ginger and chopped onions) but it was no longer in their concise menu.


So I settled for the Sinuglaw (kinilaw na isda with morsels of chopped grilled liempo) and I was happy I did – the fish tasted fresh, it was perfectly seasoned with the right kick from the chilies and the liempo was perfectly grilled.


We also had the cholesterol-laden gustatory delight of deep fried chicken skin and esol.


It was one memorable meal. I made a mental note to come back and try their sinigang, crispy pata and a couple of veggie dishes. I feel a little giddy thinking about my next visit!


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