Best kept secret


Joel came by house so early in the morning since it’s the 1st Tuesday of the month hence we will have our regular.barangay session in the afternoon. Light-sleeper that I am I  suddenly noticed his presence in my room – and as usual we had a little chit-chat until we realized we’re famished and like a small secret that we keep, we automatically knew were to eat.


At a little side street in NSV, Can-adieng we went, it was still 9 AM and so it wasn’t filled with customers yet.


We had our favorites at Boylin’s: caldereta, paklay, palě and sha-î…






I wrote about this store before and I just want to write about them again as they have survived Yolanda, rebuilt and maintained to serve the same quality and taste of their dishes.


Calendars on the wall


And even more calendars on the wall

I like how clean the dining area is plus they serve ice cold softdrinks that really quenches your thirst. So, if you’re in town you should try Boylin’s or the Kandingan at Can-adieng. Open early morning until supplies last which is after lunch. Must try – it’s one of Ormoc’s best-kept secret.


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