I’m considered eccentric, but that probably has to do with my being unpredictable and spontaneous , which is in stark juxtaposition to the Ormoc mentality of being prim and proper at all times.

I get along with almost anyone. It takes a lot to get me genuinely upset.

I’m a “live and let live” kind of guy. I try to be non-judgmental and I typically think the best of people, but I fall short of the glory sometimes.

I tend to consistently find myself in strange situations. I’ve always been interested in deviance–that 10% that does things differently from everyone else.

I don’t hold grudges and don’t have any enemies, although there are people out there that probably think they qualify.

I often feel like a feral animal with royal sensibilities.

I’m a pragmatic optimist. I’m also a romantic, a fact I’ve tried to deny, but to hell with it, call a spade a shovel.

I love the beach and I like getting tanned.

I’m aggressive but I don’t play any sports. I never back down from a fight, and if we start shooting vodka, you better hope its not a contest.

I don’t want to die without any scars.

I make my own fun. When I get a head of steam, I make lots of it.

I strive for grace and balance in all things. I sometimes fail spectacularly.

I find my Zen in the bar with my friends. It is my meditation. I’m not particularly interested in being a caricature of alcoholism though. I genuinely find peace there.

I’m sensitive (and I’d like to stay that way) and artistically inclined, but I don’t feel particularly tortured.


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