Since I was a kid this kind of fish is often found in our dining table especially during Sundays in the form of inun-unan or paksiw – I guess that is the only way to cook this kind of fish. It was only in recent years that I actually appreciated, enjoyed and learned more about this kind of fish which is known in the dialect as hinok or baby ulisi (another favorite fish that I want to eat grilled.)

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merienda to welcome alex

my good friend alex from bacolod is in town…gil and joel demanded that i cook paella, i declined – i don’t want to go to the mercado during afternoons plus the prep time is long and tedious and i ran out of saffron. i mean paella won’t be paella without the saffron. so i made a compromise and vowed that i’ll whip up a rice based dish using what is available in the fridge and in the pantry.

so here’s the finished product. a cross between basmati rice, chao fan and mexican wild rice. it was a hit! they finished the whole bowl! downed with ice cold-mugunit-sa-tutunlan coca cola!

how? sautee garlic in a little oil until slightly toasted, mix in steamed rice (bahaw is the best), then add in the cooked ground pork, chopped carrots, chopped fried eggs, chopped hotdog, chopped chorizo macau, chopped scallions, season with salt and pepper, some ginisa mix, turmeric and fajitas seasoning. remove from heat when carrots is a little soft.

so here it is: (pardon the blurred images, i used my iphone and there was no ambient light)